“people are able to chose representatives, according to their … personal experience”

I think this is the part that’s incorrect. They are not (in aggregate) able to do this. They will tend not to make voting decisions that align with what their experience tells them, but instead will make voting decisions that appease that voice in their head saying “vote what you believe is right, vote what other people around you believe, what aligns with your morality”.

None of these things are informed by experience. They are informed by bias. To name a few of these biases:

Social Desirability bias: conforming opinions to match those around you.

Anti-Foreign bias: bias against the unknown

Make-work bias: bias towards work being good

Anti-market bias: tendency to underestimate the benefits of the market mechanism

There is no mechanism to ensure they bring their experience to bear on their vote when aggregated. Their (aggregated) beliefs are informed by bias. That’s why it should be disregarded.

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